Heroes of Battle
Theaters of Death
By Darrin Drader

The three battlefield encounters offered in Theaters of Death, the new Heroes of Battle web enhancement by Darrin Drader, let the PCs can undertake various missions. In the 4th-level encounter, they must disrupt communications within an orc army. In the 8th-level encounter, they must open the gate to an enemy stronghold to admit their own forces. And in the 10th-level encounter, they must assassinate General Charred, the death knight who has been leading an army of undead on a march of destruction. So download this web enhancement now and let your PCs explore the most exciting dungeon yet -- the battlefield!

Enhancement Preview

Theaters of Death

After a millennium of biding her time and gathering her forces, the lich Kazgol has finally committed her troops to battle. Her undead legions are marching across the landscape, destroying any living creatures they encounter while slowly making their way toward Kazgol's home city. Rather than commit herself to the battlefield, Kazgol has enlisted the help of the death knight known as General Charred to lead her forces to victory. The general is currently holed up in an abandoned cottage in the midst of a vast ruin.

The army with which the PCs march has already engaged Kazgol's army of undead, which consists primarily of zombies, skeletons, and ghouls. General Charred has also committed several of his more powerful undead to the battle, although he has held some back to patrol the ground between the battlefield and his own position. In addition, he has surrounded himself with several powerful servants for extra protection.

The PCs' commander orders them to fight their way through enemy lines, then attack the general himself. Advance scouts have provided the PCs with the likely position of the cottage in which the general has camped to draw up his battle plans.

About the Authors

Darrin Drader was born in Pullman, Washington in 1973 and stayed there long enough to attend WSU. He then moved to western Washington and eventually landed a job at Wizards of the Coast, Inc. After an eight-year stay in the Seattle area, he decided to move back to eastern Washington so that he could be closer to his family. He has been an RPG freelancer since 2000, and has done design work for Dragon magazine, Star Wars Gamer magazine, Bastion Press, Mongoose Publishing, and Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

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