Book of Vile Darkness
Even More Archfiends!
By Monte Cook

In the Book of Vile Darkness, Monte Cook details all aspects of evil as they might apply to your campaign. This includes statistics and descriptions for those most evil beings, the archfiends: the Lords of Hell and Demon Princes. They each come with their own details plus descriptions of their followers and cultists. Yes, although the archfiends are not true deities, cults of mortals revere them all the same.

Presented for you here in the same format are three archfiends that didn't quite make it into the book: a deposed archdevil and two demon princes -- well, one demon prince and one princess:

  • The former archdevil, Geryon, longs to rule in Hell once again.
  • Pazuzu is a prince like no other, for he rules the skies of all Abyssal layers. Thus he is master of very much and very little all at once.
  • Rhyxali holds sway over all the shadow demons (find their description in the Book of Vile Darkness) and the secrets and souls they procure as they skulk about the Abyss.

This web enhancement was written by Book of Vile Darkness author Monte Cook. While the book itself is intended for mature readers only, this web enhancement was written with our online audience in mind. It's suitable for all D&D players.

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