Epic Level Handbook
Epic-Level Progressions for Prestige-Class Characters
By Andy Collins

The Epic Level Handbook provides information on how to advance characters from the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide to epic levels of power. But what about characters from other core D&D products?

Is your bladesinger feeling left out of the epic excitement? Is your planar champion yearning for new vistas of power? Is your frenzied berserker feeling...well, not so frenzied? Never fear -- we have the answer to your epic-level needs! This web enhancement by Andy Collins provides epic-level progressions for 24 prestige classes selected from Defenders of the Faith, Manual of the Planes, Masters of the Wild, Song and Silence, Sword and Fist, and Tome and Blood. Now players and Dungeon Masters have a wealth of epic-level options at their fingertips!

This web enhancement contains the epic-level progression rules for these two dozen prestige classes:

  • Animal lord
  • Arcane trickster
  • Bladesinger
  • Bloodhound
  • Cavalier
  • Deepwood sniper
  • Divine agent
  • Dragon disciple
  • Duelist
  • Dungeon delver
  • Elemental savant
  • Frenzied berserker
  • Gatecrasher
  • Holy liberator
  • Hospitaler
  • Master samurai
  • Planar champion
  • Planeshifter
  • Ninja of the Crescent Moon
  • Spymaster
  • Templar
  • Temple raider of Olidammara
  • Thief-acrobat
  • Warpriest

Download the web enhancement now! (1.1 mb PDF/ZIP)

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