Masters of the Wild
A Druid's Grove
By Penny Williams

No self-respecting druid would ever live in a city. The wide-open expanse of nature is her only dwelling place. But although she is at ease anywhere in the outdoors, the typical druid has one special place she calls home.

But how do you go about creating a druid's grove for your own campaign? Penny Williams, editor of the new Masters of the Wild guide to barbarians, druids, and rangers, said she couldn't wait to tell you all about it -- and put into use some of the book's many new druid goodies. The all-new source material in this web enhancement discusses the essential elements of a druid's grove and details a typical grove, its resident treant, and a 12th-level druid. Created with the new rules for wild shape, she comes complete with stats for her half-elf form and five animal forms. Plus, "A Druid's Grove" illustrates the application of some of those "goodies" from Masters of the Wild: new items and spells such as opposable scimitar, wilding clasp, and wood wose.

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