Lords of Darkness
Realms Personalities
by Sean K Reynolds

Ashemmi was one of the leaders of Darkhold, a Zhentarim fortress in the Western Heartlands. Of mysterious origin and evil mindset, this beautiful elf found herself hated and feared by her political rivals both for her ambition and her ties to Sememmon, one of the three leaders of the Black Network. When Fzoul Chembryl gained the power of the Chosen of Bane, the elf and her lover fled Darkhold, believing that Fzoul might try to eliminate them in an attempt to consolidate all Zhentarim holdings into his control. Now living as fugitives, Sememmon and Ashemmi are a pair of evil wildcards in Faerūn, capable of aiding the cause of evil or thwarting the actions of the Zhentarim. See what other secrets Ashemmi has in her background!

Malark fell in with the church of Cyric at an early age. He has traveled over much of Faerūn, working as a mercenary, meeting with cultists, killing on a whim, and creating havoc all in the name of the Prince of Lies. He carries a skull blade, which is an unholy weapon dedicated to Cyric and forged by his own hand, and he is armed with many scrolls. This Realms Personality gives Malark's story and his game statistics.

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