Secret Societies of the Realms Revealed!
A Web Enhancement for Cloak & Dagger
By Dale Donovan

More than just powerful wizards, divine temples, and wise kings comprise the Forgotten Realms setting. For every beacon of light there exists a shadow, and shadows conceal much. Those who work in secret wield substantial power in Faerūn. For the first time, Cloak & Dagger presents detailed information on these groups' areas of influence, leaders, chains of command, methods, agents, and their recent activities and plots

This 160-page book provides details on the Harpers, the bizarre "Manshoon Wars," the rise of Fzoul Chembryl as the Chosen of Xvim, plus information on the Night Masks, the Knights of the Shield, the Zhentarim, the Iron Throne, the Shadow Thieves, and many more secret societies. Finally, Westgate -- the nexus of many power groups' interests on the Sea of Fallen Stars -- is detailed as never before. Read more about Cloak & Dagger.

As a web exclusive supplement to this product, we offer you this original Westgate source material to enhance your campaign or character background:

Finally, we offer a special art gallery of the illustrations created for Cloak & Dagger. Each image of the people and items described in the book contains a new identifying caption and page number reference.

Cloak & Dagger was designed by Eric L. Boyd, Sean K Reynolds, and Steven E. Schend.

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