Waterdeep News12/06/2006

Minstrel's Songs a Hit

Minstrel's Songs a Hit

Waterdeep -- The Three Towers performances club in Dock Ward has been jammed for the last three nights with enthusiastic crowds roaring applause for traveling minstrel Nymbrar "Nighteye" Shatterslee. His 'Crying To My Harp' show brought so many folk to the club that windows were propped open to allow those standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the alleys outside ri hear (and prevent a probable riot).

'Crying To My Harp' is a sequence of satirical ballads that begins by poking fun at stock characteristics of street folk everywhere, but swiftly turns to viciously criticizing some known antics of certain Waterdhavian nobles. It was reportedly greeted with "roars of approval" from patrons, who threw so many coins that Towers staff ran about collecting them in baskets normally used for serving hot garlic-buttered 'long loaves' to club tables.

Nighteye is believed to have now left the city after bands of 'strolling thugs' crisscrossed Dock Ward asking after his whereabouts. These 'fists for hire' are widely thought to have been retained for this service by noble patrons, but they customarily refuse to divulge the identities of their patrons, and have thus far refused to do so. Some nobles are known to have complained to the Lords about Nighteye, requesting he be hunted down, arrested, and punished. Mirt the Moneylender stopped such proceedings cold at a revel thrown last night by the Amcathra noble family (and attended by senior members of almost all Waterdhavian noble families) by loudly commenting that such complaints are clear, 'that boot fits me' admissions of guilt on the part of the complainants -- and marks them as fools, if not worse.

The Three Towers club hosts many visiting minstrels, singers, and storytellers, notably Rymrick the Bawd, Dulchaesen, and the Bell-Dwarves Three. It stands on a corner in Dock Ward -- south-front Watchrun Alley, east-front Drawn Sword Alley, and north-front Leera's Alley. On nights when no performer is hosted, the staff (led by "Waterfall" Baerle Waszunn, so-called for the tears her sad songs can evoke) present a Rounde of Ballades.

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