Waterdeep News08/30/2006

Poisonings Rumored -- Zzar Scarce

Waterdeep -- A zzar shortage prevails in Waterdeep today after citizens began stockpiling zzar, ale, and other drinkables in "frantic buying" that emptied the keg-rooms of many shops.

The rush of purchases was spurred by swift-spreading rumors that some wine sold in the city has been poisoned. Such beliefs seem to have arisen hot on the heels of the deaths of three outlander wine-merchants, each of whom collapsed into wild convulsions in the Market yestermorn.

Independent Waterdhavian merchant Azbold "the Bold" Bahammurhor had handbills printed and run throughout all the city wards warning folk to "shun all but freshly-pressed local vintages, upon pain of dreadful death!" Handbills from vintners in Rassalantar, Amphail, and Goldenfields have now appeared in the streets announcing "firelight revels" for the next three nights, which Waterdhavians may attend to watch casks being tapped and sampled. Citizens can then buy wine on the spot that they're "sure of."

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Ed Greenwood is the man who unleashed the Forgotten Realms on an unsuspecting world. He works in libraries, writes fantasy, sf, horror, mystery, and even romance stories (sometimes all in the same novel), but he is still happiest churning out Realmslore, Realmslore, and more Realmslore. There are still a few rooms in his house with space left to pile up papers in . . .

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