Waterdeep News08/02/2006

Suspected Smugglers Foiled at Docks

Waterdeep -- There were minor street scuffles in Dock Ward last last night as members of the Guild of Watermen forcibly turned away unidentified men gathering at certain Wharf Street warehouses. The guild had apparently received a 'faceless whisper' tip from an unknown civic official that the Watch was interested in a cargo destined for the warehouses -- and very interested in who arrived to claim it. Watch officers refused to discuss the matter, but a guild member who declined to give his name called the matter "clear and brazen smuggling by citizens we'd rather not have doing such things if they're going to be so public and clumsy about it."

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Ed Greenwood is the man who unleashed the Forgotten Realms on an unsuspecting world. He works in libraries, writes fantasy, sf, horror, mystery, and even romance stories (sometimes all in the same novel), but he is still happiest churning out Realmslore, Realmslore, and more Realmslore. There are still a few rooms in his house with space left to pile up papers in . . .

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