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Ship Sinks at Docks

Ship Sinks at Docks

Waterdeep -- The caravel Laughing Lady, sailing out of Myratma in Tethyr and owned by Phandro Emburrgel of that city (a wealthy shipper and investments-procurer who owns five other trading vessels), sank overnight at the Southlook wharf, at the foot of Net Street.

The Lady arrived in Waterdeep yestermorn, and her cargo of milled barley had been safely offloaded into leased warehouses off Asteril's Way. Emburrgel's agents in Waterdeep were said to be assembling a cargo of mixed trade goods for the voyage back to Myratma, but their identities and whereabouts remain unknown as of this writing.

The Guard and the Watch are both investigating the causes of the sinking, even as wizards of the Watchful Order and Raulinvur's Ropehaul barges are raising the ship. According to Raulinvur, the Lady will first be taken onto the beach nigh the East Torchtower known to folk of Dock Ward as "the Stinking Sands." This will be done to dry the vessel out and to see if her timbers retain enough strength to be worth a rebuild. If not, the ship will be broken up for salvage wood. If so, the work will be done in the keel-dock of Arnagus the Shipwright "in the Elbow" (the angle enclosed to the north and east by Dock Street).

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