Waterdeep News
Nobles Demand Halt to Sale of Paintings
By Ed Greenwood

Nobles Demand Halt to Sale of Paintings

Waterdeep -- Agents and members of the Phull noble family burst into a public sale of paintings this morn and angrily demanded the sale be stopped. They attempted to seize certain items and were accused of attempted theft. Swords were drawn, brief strife followed with no one suffering serious injuries (witnesses say the vendors defended themselves by using the disputed items as shields, causing the Phulls to put up their blades), and the Watch summoned.

Watch officer Estrar Thongolyr says no charges have yet been laid and no persons were detained, but the Watch has taken possession of the disputed items pending magisterial decision. As with most matters involving nobility, proceedings are almost certain to be referred to the Lords of the city.

The sale, by merchants of the newly established Flying Falcons Coster, was held at the Frowning Face* rental hall, which is west-front of the High Road and facing down River Street.

The family Phull claim the disputed items, which were painted panels depicting portraits of distinguished-looking, richly garbed men and women, were stolen from their city villa in North Ward late last year, and these portraits depict dead, much-loved forebearers. One would-be buyer said that if this is true, the artists "flattered the Phulls incredibly" (not an uncommon practice, when portraits of the wealthy and powerful are limned) or "perhaps the family is much fallen into coarseness of features since the time of the people depicted."

*The hall is so-named for the appearance of its street-facing wall, which is of fieldstone sculpted into the likeness of a severe human face, with windows for the eyes and the entry doors located in the mouth.

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