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Brawl Erupts after Guild Hikes Dues
By Ed Greenwood

Brawl Erupts after Guild Hikes Dues

Waterdeep -- The Old Guildhall on Gaustus Street, Trades Ward, was the scene of a wild fight this morning, when Master Turnstone of the Cellarers' and Plumbers' Guild announced a stiff hike in guild dues. Guildmembers formerly paid dues of 7 sp/month, but dues will now be levied at 4 gp/month for the remainder of the year, and 5 gp/month thereafter.

If, that is, Master Turnstone and his officers survive that long. An uproar occurred among guildmembers when rumors of the planned increase leaked out -- and members came to the Guildhall armed with pipes, picks, and hammers, obviously expecting trouble.

Trouble met their expectations, as defiant guildmembers rushed the front tables where the officers were gathered, loyalists hastened to defend them, and pitched battle broke out. Four Watch patrols answered alarm calls, cordoned off the hall, and summoned the Guard -- who were forced to use vials of sleepsmoke gas to quell hostilities.

Unconfirmed reports say dozens of guildmembers are dead, senseless and near death, or wounded. In fact, almost everyone who attended the meeting has at least one broken limb or extremity, and the interior of the Old Guildhall is a "shattered shambles."

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