Waterdeep News02/15/2006

Chiming Gems Hit of Promenade

Chiming Gems Hit of Promenade

Waterdeep -- A three-day promenade has just ended in the Pegasipillars rental hall (on the High Road south-fronting Buckle Alley, Castle Ward). Its highlights were the yet-unsolved theft of a coffer of forty matched, white opals, and the display of gems enspelled to play tunes (as a series of faint, repeating chimes, when lit and gently warmed by candle flames). A handful of wealthy buyers, notably agents of several Waterdhavian noble families, purchased several of the gems.

Many cabals, costers, guilds, and mercantile associations come to Waterdeep to present promenades (called "trade fests" in Tethyr and "trademoots" in Cormyr and the Vilhon). Unlike a market or trading fair, where many merchants sell a variety of wares, a promenade is a public showing and sale by merchants dealing in a single "field" of wares.

The Handful of Stars promenade is a new event that the Gemcutters Fellowship announces at short notice (to cut down on thievery, it's rumored). The Gemcutters Fellowship is a loose association of jewel merchants in coastal cities from Luskan to Tashluta, and the Jewelers' Guild of Waterdeep officially denounced them a month ago. Despite their views about the fellowship, the guild made no move to prevent the promenade (after, strong and persistent rumors suggest, the Gemcutters presented a large gift of trade-bars to the guild).

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