Waterdeep News02/01/2006

Palace Fined over Outlander Injury

Palace Fined over Outlander Injury

Waterdeep -- Magister Kaulyn Maurestyn today awarded the spice merchant Haumian Draethe of Tharsult 700 dragons from city coffers. In his judgment, Maurestyn decreed city "neglect in dealing with afore-reported perils" of crumbling stonework at the River Gate was the direct cause of the partial arch collapse a tenday ago that broke Draethe's arm, leg, and cart.

Though Watchful Order wizards took charge of the merchant's cart and runaway team almost immediately, and city-hired priests from the Plinth healed him of his injuries, Draethe suffered four days of lost sales and some spoilage of wares.

The judgment is expected to unleash a torrent of claims from citizens and visitors claiming past and present losses from similar perceived Palace maintenance failures, but Lord Piergeiron moved swiftly to stem such a flood by declaring, "The judgment of one magister in one case may differ from the judgments of others, in others."

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