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Treasure Found in Sea Ward Well

Treasure Found in Sea Ward Well

Waterdeep -- City wells are covered to prevent casual contaminations (by the tossing into them of refuse, nightsoil buckets, pet bodies, and the bodies of murder victims or those folk hope to soon become murder victims), and both dredged and inspected regularly. Palace speakers say occasional stolen items and incriminating weapons are found therein, plus dropped water "dippers" and occasionally rings or other small personal items, but it's unlikely any substantial treasure could be successfully hidden in a well without immediate discovery.

However, the Courtyard of the Well north of Whim Street has apparently hosted a magically concealed treasure for some years. Watchful Order member Dormallen Rathanagor (of Rathangor's Mysteries, The Street of Silks, Castle Ward) was demonstrating an arcane eye spell to an apprentice yestermorn, demonstrating how it could see down the well if a light source was lowered in the water-bucket, when his inadvertent use of some arcane words triggered a magic left in place by someone else -- and a block of stone in the wall of the well flew out of its socket and up into his hands, yielding up its small but valuable cache of gemstones.

Rathangor steadfastly refuses to reveal what gems he gained or the words he uttered. The Palace has issued a public warning that the penalty for anyone caught "disturbing" city wells will be the same as for well poisonings: instant, on-the-spot execution.

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