Waterdeep News12/14/2005

Sharp Rise in Silversheen

Sharp Rise in Silversheen

Waterdeep -- Last tenday's announcement that the sculptor Marleon Krendlemar (of Swords Street, Castle Ward) intends to cast his next gigantic statue in silversheen has led to steep increases in the overcounter price of the shiny make-metal. Sometimes called "alloys," make-metals are mixtures of smelted metals such as iron and zinc, often with small amounts of more valuable metals, and strange "secret ingredients." The alchemists who produce make-metals always keep amounts, processes, and precise ingredients secret, citing the perilous nature of the work (which all too often ends in poisonings, acid fleshmelt, or deadly explosions).

Silversheen, the glossy, mirror-bright silver "metal" seen in many local decorative castings, is smooth, heavy, and too brittle to see service in armor, fastenings, struts, or cookware. Devised decades ago by Eremaun Uthchantaer of Amphail, silversheen saw the secrets of its creation "get out" when the alchemist died and his dozen-some workers scattered, each taking its secrets. Waterdeep is currently home to at least seven silversheen makers; their wares are sold as finished castings or in "melt-bars" the size of a human forearm (formerly about 1 gp each; now 5 gp or more).

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