Waterdeep News11/30/2005

Double Wedding on Spindle Street

Double Wedding on Spindle Street

Waterdeep -- Unmarried sisters who own adjoining houses on west-front Spindle Street in Trades Ward have just married each other's street-level tenants. Sharlma and Ierithue Steelhawk, some forty-odd summers old, inherited the buildings from their father, the famous archer and adventurer Duroamyn "Deathstrike" Steelhawk.

As in many Waterdhavian tallhouses, they dwell on the topmost floors, letting out the floors immediately beneath to tenants, who also rent the street level below as a shop. Sharlma has the more northerly house. The buildings share a common wall, and the sisters' apartments connect.

It was commonly known that Sharlma and her tenant, the wizard Starago Nye of Starnight Spells and Magelore (minor castings, identifications, advice), were longtime lovers. Ierithue and her tenant, Bhelgrair Yathro of Yathro's Adventurers' Outfitting (ropes, maps, weapons, tents), were thought to enjoy similar relations. Rumors abound about what led the four to switch partners and engage in formal union. The couples kept celebrations private, and they have announced no plans for changes in the business of the shops.

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