Waterdeep News10/19/2005

Strange Fire on Cage Street

Strange Fire on Cage Street

Waterdeep -- A high-coin gown, cloak, and fineries shop on the "northwest block" of Cage Street in Castle Ward erupted in flames yesterday -- bright, vivid blue flames that lacked heat and smoke, consumed nothing, and soon vanished. Staff of Mhalavo's Brightstar could give no reason for the mysterious conflagration, and they insisted it was no "bid for fame" on their part.

Lady Shopmatron Daztriiya Ghallowglond opined that the blaze was "obviously magic . . . and so many who use such forces are malicious and untrustworthy, even deranged." Ghallowglond believes mischief was a more likely reason than madness, and "if it was an attempt to distract staff so as to steal our superb wares, it failed utterly -- as such attempts always will."

Ghallowglond warned would-be thieves that the Brightstar is guarded by "unseen and very attentive eyes." She felt the Watch "responded too slowly, given our importance and proximity to Ahghairon's Tower and the Palace," and expects them to prevent "further problems," while the Brightstar will remain "the first choice of discerning courtiers, as well as of visitors to our city having important civic or social engagements, who desire to be clad appropriately.".

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