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Serious Carriage Crash on Sul Street
By Ed Greenwood

Serious Carriage Crash on Sul Street

Waterdeep -- Three draft horses were injured early today, a delivery cart destroyed, and the display window of Aumra's Fine Potteryworks (on west-side Sul north of Zarimtar) demolished by a flying cart-wheel, when an illegal race ended in disaster.

Two men are in Watch custody, but no names have been released pending further investigation. There's talk that the guilty fled, and those arrested were drunks betting on the race, not participants.

The long, straight north-south streets in Sea and North Wards have for years hosted various pell-mell races and chases. Sul Street in particular seems a favored site for so-called "chariot challenges." These are cart or carriage races wherein citizens -- usually young apprentices finished with their deliveries but still in possession of small open carts belonging to their masters -- dash in pairs, almost always from north to south, to an agreed-upon endpoint. Local residents often complain about noisy cartwheels, hooves, and shouts or oaths, but some say the loudest complainers are those who bet on losing racers. Impromptu betting is the norm at such races.

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