Savage Encounters

The latest DDM miniatures set, Savage Encounters, releases this month. To help celebrate, we've asked Jared von Hindman of to create a set of cartoons for each of the minis (after all, we loved his Dangerous Delve Doodles, and Legendary Evils).

Enjoy—and be sure to check back each day for another set of cartoons!

The Set Releases!

Adult Purple Dragon

Angel of Valor

Death Knight
Dragonborn Paladin

Drider Fanglord


Legion Devil


Inhabited Corpse

Rockfire Dreadnought

Vampire Guildmaster

Githyanki Mindslicer

Githyanki Gish

Savage Minotaur

Deathrattle Viper

Bloodspike Behemoth

Preview #5

"Today -- more undead! For this preview’s visible miniature, we have the Skeletal Cyclops. Since I already had the zombie ogre (aka Zombie Hulk) in the set, I wanted another iconic foe in skeletal form, and as some people believe that the skull of an elephant inspired the Greeks to create the cyclops, that monster was a natural choice…" Read More.

Inhabited Corpse


Bodak Skulk

Skeletal Cyclops


Preview #4

"When I took over the design for the miniatures line, I had a short list of figures that I knew I wanted to produce, and this was on the top of the list. If I had to choose only one figure in the set to preview, it would be the Goblin Wolf Rider. I knew I wanted it to be uncommon, as I wanted it to be a figure a DM could potentially get a horde of -- it’s a pretty difficult figure to pull off, but I think it turned out well. We went through several iterations for a monster design, and we ended up with the simplest combined monster…" Read More.

Goblin Wolf Rider


Shardstorm Vortex

Human Outrider

Windfiend Fury

Preview #3

"You can fight kobolds and goblins only so many times before they start to get a little familiar. When you want to pit your beginning heroes against a different foe, the bullywug from 4th edition’s Monster Manual 2 may be what you’re looking for. Until this set, only one bullywug has been in a D&D Miniatures set: the spear-wielding thug from early 2005’s Deathknell release. Savage Encounters brings this total to three…" Read More.

Bullywug Guard

Bullywug Mudlord

Gray Slaad

Black Slaad

Greenvise Vine

Preview #2

"Savage Encounters features monsters and villains that threaten all tiers of play. As the most likely set of foes, we have 18 heroic monsters. Now that people have been playing 4th Edition for more than a year, quite a few campaigns are finally hitting the Paragon tier. We have 15 monsters for you. Plus, there are seven Epic-level monsters for those groups at the highest tier of play. Today’s preview takes monsters from all three tiers…" Read More.

Goblin Skullcleaver

Adult Gray Dragon

Hand of Bane

Salamander Archer

Sorrowsworn Reaper

Preview #1

"The newest set of miniatures, Savage Encounters, releases in November! In this set are 40 new miniatures representing creatures pulled from the first two Monster Manuals, Draconomicon, and Manual of the Planes. There are seven new monster stat blocks in Savage Encounters, and one miniature has a stat card useful for either a trap or as an instance of single use terrain…" Read More.

Tiefling Necromancer

Skeletal Tiefling

Foulspawn Berserker

Zombie Hulk

Death Giant

About the Artist

Jared von Hindman is an artist and sometime comedian who "dug too deep" while researching Stupid Monsters of Dungeons & Dragons. He awoke something Dire and horrible (perhaps Fiendish, even) and now he spends his days playing with plastic elves and illustrating new and creative ways to kill goblins. Currently he resides in Berlin with an older woman and a snake named Slinky. He’s not sure why his pet needs to be included in his bio, but all the cool kids seem to be doing it and Jared's a sucker for peer pressure.

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