The Ghost King

No matter when facing ghoulies, or ghosties, or long-legged beasties—or things that go bump in the Underdark—odds are Drizzt Do'Urden and his crew aren't afraid… even if they're up against a massive dracolich or evil crystal shard.

Happy Halloween everyone! To help celebrate the release of The Ghost King, we've asked Jared von Hindman (of to create the following cartoons, honoring R.A. Salvatore's famed party of heroes.


Drizzt Do’Urden has travelled a long and dangerous road since he first emerged from the Underdark into a strange new world, a world that distrusted, even hated him, on first sight. But as months became years, and years became decades, Drizzt carved out a place for himself, and gathered around him friends that soon became a family. But families, like all things, have a season.

The final installment in the epic Transitions trilogy, The Ghost King follows eight years after the end of The Pirate King, and brings shocking changes to the Legend of Drizzt. Cadderly, and other characters from the recently-reissued Cleric Quintet series, join the fight against a daunting evil. With this book, the Forgotten Realms change forever.

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