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Room 12: Top Three Rooms
Call to Adventurers Contest Winners

Undermountain, that seemingly endless dungeon beneath Waterdeep, remains one of the most recognizable locations in Faerûn. Check out the top three room descriptions from out call to adventurers contest. First place finisher "The Undead Wish" by Jason Milligan, second place "The Auditorium" by sus323, and third place "The Temple of Fortune's Rebirth" by Ohtar Turinson.

The Auditorium (EL 12)
By sus323

Room Summary

Creatures: (1) One stone golem (the conductor).
Traps: (Several) See below.
Terrain: Normal, but with areas containing magical effects.
Lighting Conditions: Bright light.
Magic: Each field has a different aura:antimagic field is moderate abjuration, the Otto's irresistible dance effect is strong enchantment, the illusion effect is moderate illusion, and the domination trapis moderate enchantment. Also, the golem radiates strong necromancy (gemstone eye).
Detectable Alignments: None.
Secrets: (4) Four magical fields exist within the area.
Treasure: (Approximately 3,400 gp)Random normal equipment, small greatsword +1,wand of summon monster I (6 charges), two potions of cure light wounds, a gold brooch inset with red garnets (525 gp), a silver signet ring (150 gp), 8 pp, 43 gp, 103 sp, and 213 cp.

Relevant Checks

Disable Device DC 30: This result disables the domination pillar trap.

Disable Device DC 31: This result disables the programmed illusion pillar trap.

Disable Device DC 33: This result disables the Otto's irresistible dance pillar trap.

Search DC 30: This result allows a PC to locate the trap that produces the domination field.

Search DC 31: This result allows a PC to locate the trap that produces the programmed illusion field.

Search DC 33: This result allows a PC to locate the trap that produces the Otto's irresistible dance field.

Spot DC 15: A PC who gets this result after studying the room can learn more about it as described in the third shaded box (-1 penalty to the result per 10 feet of distance).

The Map

The map for this room is available in two different sizes: One serves as a reference for the DM, and the other is a map with a grid that works nicely with your miniatures.

Each map is presented as a compressed (zipped) Adobe Portable Document Format file (pdf). You need to have Adobe Reader installed to use it. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

Room Location on the Poster Map: This room is on piece 4 of the poster map. You can see the pieces in thumbnail size in the introduction to this series. For a better idea of where this room is, please view the Article Reference Map.

When the player characters enter this area (either through the secret door to the east or through the large double-doors to the south), read the following text and adjust for PC reactions:

In this vaulted, shadow-filled hall, two lanterns (one on each wall) begin to glow with a weak golden light. Seconds after that, two more lanterns hanging 10 feet beyond the first two begin to glow dimly. Pair by pair, each set separated by 10 feet, lanterns flicker to life and provide a faint illumination.

Allow each PC to react. If they leave the room, the lanterns immediately dim again and the room resets. It takes only a single physical presence to cause the room to activate. Assuming the PCs stay to see what is going on, read the following text:

Just as the growing brightness reaches four massive pillars about 85 feet from the double doors, you hear a voice from the far northern reach of the chamber say, "My word! An audience? Excellent! A-One, A-Two, A-Three . . ." Boisterous music erupts as all of the lanterns flash into full illumination. A wondrous party appears before your eyes. Well-dressed men and women cavort and dance to rhythmic reels played by the full orchestra arraigned along the north wall. A wild-haired conductor stands with his back to you, wildly directing the music.

As the crowd whirls, you see that all of them, men and women, have the same face! In addition, the ground beneath the musicians and conductor is littered with sparkling gems, equipment, coins, and bones.

While the party guests are illusions, the musicians, music, and treasure are quite real. If any party member disbelieves the illusions with a successful DC 20 Will save, the illusions reset within 1 round. Otherwise the illusionary party guests are harmless. They all look like the conductor except half are dressed as women.

Halaster (see Return to Undermountain: An Introduction) designed this room as a joke to ensnare one of his rivals who was a snobbish music lover as well as a wizard of middling talent.

When the snobbish wizard and his companions entered the room, he beheld a party of illusionary versions of himself dancing to a mocking song. He became so enraged that he stormed over to the band and fell into the trap. His soul was sucked from his body and locked into the golem conductor's gemstone eye. When his companions tried to rescue him, they too were trapped and were compelled to become musicians. They found themselves forced to play that mocking dance for anyone who entered the room until they died.

Such was the magic of Halaster's trap that the room began collecting new victims to repopulate the band as it became necessary. As such, creatures and adventurers have fallen to the trap and their equipment has been gathering on the stage for years.

If the PCs remain within 60 feet of the double doors, they can enjoy the party without harm. However, moving any farther into the room triggers the following effects based on how close they get to the conductor:

Antimagic Field: An area 60-feet across and 40-feet deep has an active antimagic field. Beginning when the room widens out to 60 feet across (where the second set of small pillars begins), the field prevents the casting of any spell or magical effect within its zone. Of course, the illusionary dancers do not enter this area. Beyond this area, magic works normally.

Otto's Irresistible Dance and Programmed Illusion Fields: For 70 feet beyond the antimagic field, the dance floor is packed with whirling dancers. As a result, all movement is reduced to half speed. The source of the illusionary dancers is the large southwestern pillar (see the trap below).

As soon as the PCs enter this area, they are subjected to a modified Otto's irresistible dance effect. The spell affects each PC for 1d4+1 rounds. The PCs either dance with each other, or illusionary dance partners appear to join them. Once the spell's duration ends, it cannot affect the same PC for 1 round. Thus a recently freed character has a small window to escape. The source of the Otto's irresistible dance effect is the large southeastern pillar.

Programmed Illusion Pillar Trap: CR 6; magical; proximity trigger; automatic reset; if interacted with, Will save DC 33 to disbelieve; character movement slowed to half speed; Search DC 31; Disable Device DC 31.

Otto's Irresistible Dance Pillar Trap: CR 8; magical; proximity trigger; automatic reset; no save; Search DC 33; Disable Device DC 33.

Domination Pillar: PCs who reach the area beyond the dancing floor may fall prey to the domination pillar's effect; treat as a dominate person effect with the following adjustments. Those who fail walk toward one of the members of the band, stripping off their possessions as they go. When they reach the band member, they are compelled to take the musician's instrument from them. As soon as they do, the former musician crumbles to dust and the PC takes his or her place for as long as the effect lasts (30 days in this case, though DMs can certainly rule that a new saving throw is allowed every so often due to the need to eat, sleep, and so on). Any PC who remains in this area is subjected to the effect each round.The source of the domination effect is the large northwestern pillar.

Domination Pillar Trap: CR 5; magical; proximity trigger; automatic reset; Will save DC 32 negates; Search DC 30; Disable Device DC 30.

Beyond the Domination Effect: If a PC reaches this point without becoming a musician, read aloud the following boxed text. A successful DC 15 Spot check also reveals the following information.

The wildly gesturing conductor is, in fact, made of stone. As you observe this, the conductor turns his head toward you, and you notice a groove running down his face -- a groove carved from the living stone of the conductor by the tears that continue to fall from a black sapphire eye.

Aside from disabling the traps, the other way to destroy the magical effects of this room (including the antimagic field) is to obliterate the conductor.

Conductor: See page 136 of the Monster Manual. The wizard was trapped via a soul bind spell, and the black sapphire gem is set within one of the golem's eye sockets. See page 281 of the Player's Handbook for more information about the spell. The tears are perhaps a unique side effect of the process of creating the golem, then binding the soul within the golem's gemstone eye, or it could simply be an added touch by Halaster.

Once the wizard's soul is released, read the following (adjusting the text as necessary):

As the conductor collapses fall to the ground, the music suddenly stops. Most of the musicians crumble into dust and their musical instruments fall to the ground. A ghostly mist rises up from the broken chunks of the conductor, briefly taking the form of a harried-looking wizard. He cups his hands over his ears, and, in a whisperlike voice, says, "Arrgh! I'll never get that damned tune out of my head!" The ghost fades out of sight as the illusionary dancers make their final bows to each other and, one by one, vanish.

Once the conductor is destroyed, any PCs trapped by the dominate person effect are released.

Treasure: The PCs can collect equipment abandoned by the victims of the trap from the floor around the remains of the musicians. Among the bones and dust is a random assortment of nonmagic equipment (see Chapter 7: Equipment in the Player's Handbook). In addition there is a small greatsword +1,wand of summon monster I (6 charges), two potions of cure light wounds, a gold brooch inset with red garnets (525 gp), a silver signet ring (150 gp), 8 pp, 43 gp, 103 sp, and 213 cp.

Adventure Hooks and Tie-Ins

  • To increase the challenge, use the greater stone golem in the Monster Manual. You may also consider replacing the domination effect with a lesser geas or geas effect. You can also decrease the challenge by choosing a different type of golem with a lower CR. Change the descriptions above accordingly.

  • Perhaps tales of this room have spread beyond the dungeon. A bard may seek out the music in question and ask the PCs to go listen to it (or escort him to it).

  • A sole adventurer comes out of Undermountain with a strange tale. She woke up just inside this strange room, but none of her friends were around to help her. She thinks they ventured further into the room; she saw her friend's distinctive wand among the treasure on the floor. Being a cautious sort, she decided to leave the dungeon and seek help in determining what happened to her friends. (The PCs can also meet her somewhere inside Undermountain, too.)

Check out the Return to Undermountain: An Introduction for more details.

Article Reference Map

About the Author

Wizards.COMmunity member sus323 answered the Call to Adventurers Contest, and "The Auditorium" came in second in the contest. For more information about this contest, please visit the Call to Adventurers contest main page.

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