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Call to Adventurers Contest

Undermountain? Ah, yes. A great place to have fun, the most famous battlefield in which to earn a reputation as a veteran adventurer -- and the largest known mass grave in Faerūn today.

-- Elminster of Shadowdale

Help Us Explore Undermountain!

The seemingly endless number of rooms in Undermountain -- the vast, sprawling dungeon set beneath the Yawning Portal at Waterdeep -- is equaled by the number of adventurers daring to explore them.

In recent weeks, the Dungeons & Dragons website has brought you a renewed look at Undermountain; Matthew Sernett's Return to Undermountain series details some of its many rooms so that you can use them in your game. However, this series of articles cannot hope to detail every room and corridor of the vast dungeon; instead, it details individual rooms and encounters that you can use when you run adventurers through Undermountain or any dungeon of your own devising.

The Undermountain series will continue to explore many of these fell rooms and halls. All the same, there are many who have tried their luck at exploring Undermountain, with a few even surviving to return and tell their tale.

And we hope to hear from them.

Undermountain Contest

We've set aside one room from the series, and we invite you to describe it. Provide an account of this room, up to 2,000 words in length, and your creation could end up as an official chapter in the D&D website's Return to Undermountain series. And as no explorer should return empty-handed, if we choose to publish your entry, you'll be compensated for your worthy endeavor (that's fortune and fame!).

Entries should follow the format of those already published in the series:

Tell us about the room: What creatures, traps, and treasure would adventurers encounter? Are there relevant checks for characters to make? When they approach, do they hear the sounds of battle underway inside, a ghostly wail -- or deathly silence? What awaits them behind the room's stone-carven doors?

Please post your entry to this message board thread, starting May 1st, 2005 and before midnight PDT May 31, 2005. A committee of moderators and members will select ten of the best room descriptions, based on how each description fits with the Undermountain flavor, originality, and playability. From these finalists, you, the player community, will vote on your favorite description. This winning entry will be edited and then published on the D&D website, commissioned at a flat rate of $140; the winner will also receive a copy of City of Splendors: Waterdeep.

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas -- and hope you return from the wiles of Undermountain to tell us your tale!

Don't forget to check Return to Undermountain: An Introduction
for more details on the overall dungeon!

Also, read official rules for the contest here.

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