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The Hamlet of Relmouth

The Corner Case

The large structure on the corner is home to a human woman named Lyrie. If Relmouth could be said to have a heart, it belongs to Lyrie, the most sympathetic woman the hardened quarry workers had seen. A painting of her would show a fairly average human woman, but her sweet disposition overshadowed her physical appearance to make her more beautiful than anyone in the area.

She loved one man: her husband Luthor. The two of them had shared their lives for many years before they decided to invest in the quarry and then run a support business that utilized their skills at baking, gardening, weaving, tailoring, and pottery. When the quarry stopped, though, so did their chances of making enough money to retire and enjoy life.

The couple was not content to let their futures ebb, and despite the danger of the winged horror that was set loose, they investigated the tomb thoroughly. They soon discovered a secret door that led to a new chamber filled with preservative spices and magic -- and instructions for their use. The numerous items had enough value that the couple could sell them and afford to relocate again and chase a new dream.

The fates would have none of it. Luthor died a few days after the discovery of the secret chamber. Lyrie's grief tore her heart apart. Pain wracked her mind and she did something that only a day before she would never have considered: She preserved her husband's body using what she'd found in the secret chamber.

Those left in the hamlet knew of Luthor's death, but she concealed what she'd done after his death and worked to hide the secret chamber again. She encouraged those in Relmouth to ignore her situation and concentrate on their own affairs. Given the things going on around them, the inhabitants of Relmouth have more to worry about than Lyrie's dead husband.

Luthor woke some time later as a mummy. His mind was diminished by the mummification process but he still holds some things dear, notably the safety and protection of his wife, Lyrie. To that end, he'll protect her and his house at any cost, without regard for personal safety.

However, Luthor is drawn to the secret chamber, though he doesn't know why. In fact, as a mummy, Luthor yearns to rest, and he's drawn to the chamber because it's the closest thing to a tomb that he has. Since the secret chamber isn't his tomb, Luthor finds no rest there, and his desire to protect and support his wife eventually emphasizes his restlessness. As for Lyrie, she thought Luthor's transformation process might have imparted some knowledge of the chamber and perhaps another secret chamber. It doesn't seem to be a case. When Luthor returns to the chamber, he does nothing but close the secret door leading into it, then stand inside the chamber patiently. After some period of hours, Luthor exits the chamber and returns home, there to spend a seemingly random amount of time before returning to the chamber.

If Lyrie is called upon during the day, there is as much chance as not that Luthor will also be there. Luthor tends to remain out of sight because of Lyrie's reactions if he heads toward daylight or toward someone else from Relmouth. Although not mystically compelled to remain close to Lyrie, his house, or the quarry, he nevertheless refuses to go anywhere else (unless Lyrie is threatened) and seems willing to follow Lyrie's desires. Luthor cannot speak to Lyrie, but he understands enough of Lyrie to figure out what she wants. He can determine that she prefers that he not show himself to visitors, for example. If Lyrie's voice becomes stressed, Luthor won't hesitate to come to her aid, regardless of circumstances.

How much time is spent in either location is random enough that Luthor could be encountered at the corner house or at the quarry. What will summon Luthor to the scene (if he's nearby) is anything that upsets Lyrie. Lyrie is a very secretive person and as such doesn't respond well to being questioned. If anyone becomes too brash with any interrogation of her, Luthor comes as quickly as his shambling, bandaged legs will carry him.

The depth of Lyrie's despair over her husband's death followed by his reanimation has made her immune to Luthor's despair supernatural ability. She is not, however, immune to his mummy rot, though nothing would convince Luthor to strike Lyrie.

Lyrie's Current Motives

Lyrie continues to attempt to find more chambers in the tomb. Not only does she seek more methods of bringing Luthor back to his former self, but she also seeks wealth. With money comes an answer to her situation from other avenues of exploration, she hopes.

Luthor (mummy): hp 65; see Monster Manual, page 190.

Bringing the Parts Together

The Stranger and Gunther both know about Luthor since they've seen him shambling from his house to the quarry and back many a time. They both avoid him because they feel it's more profitable to ignore him than to tend to him. The danger comes when PCs interact with Luthor, an event that would lead to Lyrie and her knowledge of a new secret chamber. This alone would encourage more exploration in the quarry -- and perhaps releases more horrors into Relmouth.

Coming in Part 4 of the Hamlet of Relmouth

The area around Relmouth is home to many creatures common to all forests -- and to something that's definitely not. It's alive, has intelligence, and is coming to town.

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