Random Encounters
Nasty Surprises
By Jeff Quick

This month's Random Encounters provides you with some nice, but nasty for the PCs, surprises for your game. What we're talking about here are in-game threats to players' beloved characters that will have them shaking in their real world, nonmagic boots -- or at least off-balance for an encounter or two. So when you really want to put the fear in your players, try these nasty campaign surprises.

The Unexpectedly Powerful Monster

Make your PCs rethink their strategies and tactics during the first round of combat!

Permanent Death

Is death just a stumbling block? Add a new item to your campaign that should make the PCs begin to fear death again.

Magic Item Loss

Without the tools of their trades, the PCs may find themselves in situations tougher than they ever imagined.

Double Agent Weaponry

While the PCs figure out how next to foil their enemies, their enemies could be preparing for them with VERY good information -- straight from the PCs' mouths!

Game Resources: To get the best use of the material in this article, have the following resources on hand: Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual.

About the Author

Jeff Quick has been writing and editing nifty stuff for the RPG industry for many years now!

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