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The Legacy of Aramitama Yurei

For most of those living in the world detailed in Oriental Adventures, life is about family, honor, and civility. Society demands restraint from its citizens and the daily routine is ordered. People know their place and they stay within it. This is the case for most, but not all.

For those who cannot live within the bounds of everyday life, they find the road to adventure appealing. They find it as an acceptable way to explore their personal freedom without impinging on those around them. These people sometimes find that they are the focus of stories.

Some people, though, are completely self-indulgent. Their own goals and cares are the only things that concern and drive them. This is the story of one such individual: Aramitama Yurei. He has followed his own path to leave his mark on history. This is his legacy.

Yurei's History

Take a brief look at Aramitama Yurei and his personal history: from his beginnings in a monastery to his mysterious disappearance.

Yurei's Siangham

Of all the items Yurei created, the special siangham he crafted is probably the best and least known. Most everyone has heard of it; they just don't know the true details.

Yurei's Kimono

The kimono Yurei created has to be his crowning achievement, though nobody knows of its existence. For those who do find it, they may find the answers to Yurei's demise.

Yurei's House

Yurei's place has been abandoned for quite some time, and the local village has chosen to leave it alone.

Game Resources: To get the best use of the material in this article, have the following resources on hand: Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, Oriental Adventures

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Scott Brocius has been "kicking around" with the D&D game since being introduced to it 1980. He's been an RPGA member for several years and has helped organize and run RPGA events for several conventions, including Origins. The new edition of D&D has renewed his love for and interest in the game. Scott also coauthors the monthly Mind's Eye feature on the Wizards of the Coast website.

Mark A. Jindra has been a fan of Dungeons & Dragons for the past 25 years and has organized RPGA Network events for many conventions and game days, including Origins and Winter Fantasy. In 1998 he landed his dream job as a web developer for Wizards of the Coast and is currently the developer of the D&D website. Mark has authored or coauthored various tournaments for the RPGA Network, and he also coauthors the monthly Mind's Eye feature on the Wizards of the Coast website.

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