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Everyone wants it. "Heroes" and mercenaries seek adventure to find it. Thieves practice their skills to acquire it. Nobles and merchants hoard it and yearn for more. Gold is a commonality of almost any society, and it acts as the driving force for most of it. Gold is a symbol of wealth, even though it is not the most valuable commodity in the world. Its shine and color give jewelry that extra glow of value.

Gold is used in metaphor, poetry, imagery, and art to portray things that are of the highest value. In this collection of Random Encounters, you will see several takes on gold, or things golden, and their uses.

Merenea of the Golden Voice

A beautiful singer hides a secret that can kill.

Rassin of the Golden Fingers

A self-styled master thief from a far-away city, Rassin has made quite a career of theft and has not been linked to a single crime.

Golden Spells

Those who seek gold have magic to help them.

Golden Guardian

Sometimes guarding your gold is easiest when the gold guards itself.

About the Author

Robert Wiese is a veteran of the RPGA offices, where he worked for seven years and has been a member since early 1991. In that time he has written over 60 adventure scenarios for the club, a couple of articles for Polyhedron, and the Living Force Campaign Guide (the last one with Morrie Mullins). He also got the Living Greyhawk and Living Force campaigns off the ground and into the hands of wonderful members to develop. Now he works at the University of Nevada at Reno in the Biochemistry department, proving that you never can tell where you'll end up.

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