Random Encounters
The Shadow Glade
By Jesse Decker

Fey cursed to slip slowly into the depths of shadow, the shadar-kai pay a constant price for an ancient pact gone wrong. Although they hate and fear the evil that tugs against their soul, the shadar-kai remain masters of shadow magic. A group of powerful shadar-kai adepts have attempted to stall the ancient curse that afflicts them by binding the Plane of Shadow to the heart of an ancient forest. This forest, now called the Shadow Glade, remains a place where even powerful adventurers must be wary.

In this month's Random Encounters, learn the secrets of the shadar-kai, explore the fringes of the Plane of Shadow, and battle creatures twisted by the touch of shadow.

Scouts of the Shadow Glade

Shadar-kai rangers and rogues patrol the edges of the Shadow Glade.

Twisted Denizens of the Shadow Glade

As the evil of the Plane of Shadow seeps into the Material Plane, plants and animals alike are twisted by its corrupting touch.

The Shadow-Bound

Check out new rules for the Plane of Shadow overlapping with the Material Plane, plus a new template: The shadow-bound have been forcibly fused with the essence of shadow.

The Arcanists of the Shadow Glade

The shadar-kai at the heart of the shadow glade curse the taint of shadow even as they bend it to their will.

About the Author

Jesse Decker has been fudging ability scores since 1981, when he began playing D&D with a few friends. Their equipment was the rulebook from the famed "red box" version of the basic set and a book full of foes to conquer called Deities & Demigods. Since then, no one has been able to convince Jesse that Thor is a match for his 3rd-level elf.

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