Random Encounters05/12/2003

Weaving a Web of Evil

The spell weavers are enigmatic, alienlike monstrous humanoids recently discovered to inhabit many D&D game worlds. Their statistics, and what little is known about them, are detailed in the Monster Manual II. This Random Encounter series intends to shed more light on a particular group of these mysterious beings and allow DMs to easily and smoothly add them to their D&D campaigns.

The Organization

A nest of the bizarre, six-armed, spellcasting spell weavers exists in the warren of catacombs, sewers, crypts, or dungeons beneath one of the campaign's big cities. Find out more about it.

The Members

The spell weavers themselves number five, and they seldom leave the confines of the underground region they have claimed as their own. Check out the personalities of each spell weaver.

Adventure Hooks

This installment presents adventure hooks that DMs can use to introduce the spell weavers' Web into game campaigns.

Missing Merchandise

In this, the final installment of Weaving a Web of Evil, the owner of a magic shop and victim of the spell weavers' Web of thieves takes center stage, along with several of the items that have been stolen from the business.

About the Author

Dale Donovan is a thirteen-year veteran of the gaming industry, during which time he edited Dragon Magazine, wrote or edited many Forgotten Realms products (along with every other roleplaying line produced by the company, be it TSR or Wizards), moved from rural Wisconsin to suburban Seattle when Peter Adkison of Wizards saved TSR, and served as a Managing Editor. Since going freelance, he has worked for Steve Jackson Games, Guardians of Order, White Wolf, and Wizards among others. He loves RPGs, horror and fantasy fiction, most every kind of music, and his lovely wife and wonderful daughter.

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