Random Encounters04/14/2003

The Crawling Jungle

The horrors of the Abyss are without end. Unfortunately, some of them don't seem content to remain on the Abyss. Presented here is an Abyssal realm that has been torn free of its extraplanar foundations and now wanders the Prime Material Plane. It manifests as a strangely mobile tropical rainforest complete with legions of fiendish dinosaurs, monstrous vermin, and sinister cultists. This realm is known as the Crawling Jungle.

In this month's Random Encounters, we'll explore several facets of this region, and you can use any of them in other areas of your choosing to add a dose of terror to your game.

The Rise of the Crawling Jungle

Read about the history of this terrible jungle, and check out an encounter table customized for the region.

Hazards of the Crawling Jungle

Find out about four new dangerous conditions, diseases, and terrains that can plague those who travel through the Crawling Jungle.

The Cult of the Ravenous Maw

See a detailed cult structure spawned from those captured by the jungle's lure, along with a new feat for evil druids who focus on the destructive aspect of nature.

Azuvidexus, the Ravenous Maw

Meet the lord of the Crawling Jungle, a paragon half-fiend tyrannosaurus who just might be immortal to boot!

About the Author

James Jacobs has always loved dinosaurs. When his first sister made it to the age of 4 without learning the names of all the best dinosaurs, he made sure to grill his second sister with dinosaur flash cards once she was old enough to talk. He happily reports that she still remembers some of their names!

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