Random Encounters
Pets of Any Stripe
By Robert Wiese

Sometimes the purchase of a pet, familiar, or animal companion is routine. Other times, it can become very . . . interesting. This is the case when buying an animal from Skye's Animal Companions, which is an unusual shop in a busy city. Some of the animals that Celeste Blue-Skye sells have complicated backgrounds. This month, delve into the secret of this business, and learn just how creative some people can be in making money.

Skye's Animal Companions

Skye's Animal Companions is a pet shop located in a large city with a bustling merchant trade, but it is a far from ordinary pet shop. Signs outside the shop promise that Skye's can provide "any and every kind of pet you can possibly imagine."

Celeste Blue-Skye, Proprietor and Con Artist

Celeste Blue-Skye is the current alias of Alisha, a young orphan from a port city far from her current center of operations. Alisha lost her parents when she was three years old. She was put in an orphanage when they died, but the place did not agree with her. She left one night to make her own way and spent the rest of her youth on the streets. Blessed with cute good looks and a gift for acting, she eventually realized that she could succeed better through swindling than through outright thievery, and this decision turned her whole life around. See what she's like now!

Maephus Ibonn, Transmuter Extraordinaire

Maephus Ibonn, the sixth son of a well-known brewer in the west, grew up learning the brewing trade from his older brothers. At age 16, Maephus fell in love with a neighbor's daughter. He tried in vain to win her heart; she thought he was only a callow and awkward boy. Two years later, and still no closer to his love, he left home and shipped out with a "trading vessel" that turned out to be a pirate ship. Find out what led him to work with Celeste.

New Transmutation Spells

Since the work done at Skye's requires unique spells, Maephus has researched or has contributed work to each of the following spells. The new spells deal with transforming creatures into other creatures, and they complement the polymorph spells.

Adventures with Skye's

Skye's Animal Companions can provide the impetus for all kinds of adventures. Take a look at some of the ideas presented in this installment!

About the Author

Robert Wiese's love of gaming started in the Boy Scouts, where you'd think there was enough to do to keep one from playing roleplaying games. Through college he has played in some great home campaigns, and he discovered the RPGA at a small game day in 1991. He worked for RPGA for six and a half years, filling almost every job duty that exists on the staff at one time or another. Now he plans conventions for the RPGA, stays active in his local Living Greyhawk region, and writes gaming goodies from time to time. He also gardens a lot and devotes as much time as possible to his beloved wife.

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