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Monks of the Burning Tiger - Monastery of the Burning Tigers
By Eric Cagle

Monastery of the Burning Tigers

The Monastery of the Burning Tiger is a monastery and compound located in the middle of a lava plain (Exotic Terrain +15% and Small Town 15 miles away +2% to final price). Although the crust of the lava is hardened, it still burns with an intense heat, making travel to the monastery extremely hazardous. The compound is protected from the lava and heat by elemental protection (fire).

All of the areas and statistics described here utilize theStronghold Builder's Guide. The stronghold has a total cost of 268,077 gp.

Armory, Basic (2 ss, 2 staff)

The stronghold's armory contains a wide variety of exotic weapons. which are primarily used by monks, and no armor. The door is never locked, which allows the monks to get in and out when necessary. Two monks (Exp 4/Mnk 1) work here during the day.

Barbican (1 ss)

The barbican is constantly manned by at least three guards. The main gate is an enormous iron door that requires a Strength of 30 to open. (Two people can work together to open it.) The monks on the barbican carry heavy crossbows, and a ballista with 10 bolts mounted on a pintle allows monks to fire in all directions.

Barracks (4 ss)

The barracks can hold 40 people in tight, spartan conditions. Each monk has a small chest to keep his or her meager possessions, but little else.

Bedroom Suite, Luxury (1 ss, 1 staff)

This is Magoun's personal bedroom suite. It is luxurious in a very sparse, clean fashion. Magoun's personal assistant (Exp 5/Mnk 1) resides here, as well.

Chapel, Basic

The chapel is mostly bare, except for wooden pews and a granite altar. An enormous black jade statue of a tiger rears menacingly on the altar. A brazier of aura revealing (chaos) stands next to the statue and alerts the monks if chaotic individuals enter their sacred shrine.

Courtyard, Luxury (1 ss)

The common area is the most decorated part of the monastery. It is affected by a chamber of comfort, keeping the courtyard a pleasant temperature despite the intense heat outside.

Dining Hall, Basic (2 ss)

The dining hall can fit 45 people on long benches and tables. Magoun sits at a separate, more elaborate table at one end of the hall.

Guard Posts (3 ss)

Six guard posts are scattered around the perimeter of the walls. A single monk (Mnk 1) stands guard at each one at any given time.

Kitchen, Basic (1 ss)

The kitchen serves the simple, but nutritious meals that the monks eat. Two cooks (Exp 2) are in here at any given time.

Servants Quarters (1 ss)

The servant's quarters are just as bare and simple as the barracks, with little in the way of possessions.

Smithy, Basic (1 ss)

The smithy creates all the metal goods and weapons for the monastery. Two blacksmiths (Exp 4/Mnk 1) and two apprentices (Exp 1) are here.

Stable, Basic (1 ss, 1 staff)

Although little used, the monastery does have a small stable for horses and other exotic mounts that dare to cross the lava plain. A stablehand (Exp 1/Mnk 1) works here when steeds are present, but otherwise he or she trains with the other monks.

Storage, Basic (2 ss)

This large storage room contains all the raw materials used for the workplace and smithy. A blacksmith (Exp 5/Mnk 1) works here during the day.

Study/Office, Luxury (1 ss)

This is Magoun's private study. Scrolls, tomes, and maps fill the room. They grant a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (arcana) and Knowledge (geography) checks.

Training Area, Combat (5 ss)

The training area is the heart of the compound, since it is where the monks spend most of their time training. The training area can fit 40 people and has several training dummies, logs, and targets used to increase the monks' agility and strength. In the center of the training area is a large pit that is 20 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep. Iron plates normally cover over it, but the pit is opened up for use in the monastery's Trial of the Burning Tiger. This trial will be explained in a future random encounter.

Workplace, Fancy (2 ss)

The workplace manufactures everything that the monastery might need. Two artisans and one assistant (Exp 7/Mnk 1, Exp 2) work here during the day.

Bring the Parts Together

Although random encounters usually happen by chance, some DMs may wish to tie these five parts together into something that could lead to further adventures. Future parts of this Random Encounter series will contain brief notes on how to tie them all together.

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