Random Encounters
"Shopping, darling ..."
By Eric Haddock

Buying magic items in a large city is something every player character wants to do at one point or another. It's exciting when, after the party's first big take, the PCs can walk tall into town and demand the most expensive and exotic items.

Not all campaign settings have stores with magic items for sale, but if yours does, then these random encounters might add a little spice to an otherwise mundane experience.

Magic Weapons

Fighters love to master their weapons, but what happens when the weapons try to master them? This random encounter begins in an unassuming shop specializing in fine weapons. Cities are usually free from random encounters, but sometimes even the most mundane actions can turn into adventures if you've chosen the adventurer's life.

Ex Marked the Spot Out

Maps! Everyone loves a treasure map, or even a map showing which way to go. Eventually, the PCs will need one to get to where they're going, and it may be that something unusual happens when all they want to do is make a simple purchase from a kindly map maker.

Fresh Air

Ah, an open air market. Anything can be bought or sold, the saying goes, but sometimes there are things for sale that no one wants to buy -- like monsters out to kill you. This random encounter can happen to anyone venturing into a market wanting to sample the offerings of a friendly candle maker.

Tower, Tower, Burning Bright

The mages' guild is a well-known spot in the city. Sometimes, a strange spell goes off or something odd is summoned, but that's only inside the guild's buildings, right? Outside, where all the noncasters are, it's just a normal city. What could possibly go wrong? This random encounter is for anyone visiting or going past the mages' guild.

About the Author

Eric Haddock is a technical writer living in Renton, Washington, with his wife, Julia Martin, and Oracle and Ororo, their two cats. Eric runs Abashima Press, which is an imprint for himself and fellow authors in the Seattle gaming community. Eric is a former assistant editor of DragonMagazine and a game content writer for Xbox and PC games for Microsoft. In his spare time, he wallows in his addiction to Civilization III and takes care to shop online and avoid any unnecessary incidents at the store. . . .

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