PC Portraits10/29/2002

Dragon Issue #260

"What's the common factor among dragonslayers?" asks Pete Venters. "Certainly not race or gender. It has to be a motive. But surely you'd have to be crazy to hunt dragons. Well, either that or naive, vengeful, or desperately in need of a spell component. Any guesses which trait each portrait fits?"

260_01_nbi4.jpg 260_02_kl2.jpg 260_03_2l1.jpg 260_04_xscf2.jpg 260_05_abj2.jpg
260_06_ghu4.jpg 260_07_asc3.jpg 260_08_zxbm4.jpg 260_09_3bsd.jpg 260_10_2nml6.jpg
260_11_7niue7.jpg 260_12_nkj4.jpg 260_13_233j.jpg 260_14_k8s.jpg
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