PC Portraits
Dwarven Adventurers
Dragon Issue #261
Artist: George Vrbanic

"Humans may share many traits with the dwarven race (our appreciation for fine metals, gems, and ale)," notes George Vrbanic, "but our reasons for doing so are vastly different. Will we ever be able to grasp the beauty in a simple stone wall, or see the spirit within the sword just forged? Dwarves are not simply small humans, no more than humans are simply tall dwarves."

261_06_nmio.jpg 261_04_54i.jpg 261_02_56i.jpg 261_09_l44.jpg 261_10_nb3i2.jpg
261_12_92j1.jpg 261_05_54l2.jpg 261_07_nu5i.jpg 261_11_mj5n.jpg 261_01_65b.jpg
261_14_ma4.jpg 261_03_2o3.jpg 261_08_1mk2.jpg 261_13_bja32.jpg

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