PC Portraits09/03/2002

Gnome and Halfling Adventurers
Dragon Issue #262

Sue VanCamp used what might be one of the more unique approaches to creating her characters: She watched The Simpsons while drawing. "The diversity of characters in the program helped me to think of the personalities first," said Sue, "and I tried to make each one different."

262_07_nnn6.jpg 262_11_5h2.jpg 262_10_8m.jpg 262_06_bn22.jpg 262_04_m52.jpg
262_14_65bu.jpg 262_12_6i4.jpg 262_08_m4395.jpg 262_05_n4u5.jpg 262_09_bi56.jpg
262_03_n49u.jpg 262_01_hu34.jpg 262_02_n56.jpg 262_13_5y8u.jpg
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