PC Portraits08/06/2002

Cleric and Druid Adventurers
Dragon Issue #263

"Priests have existed for thousands of years," notes Terry Dykstra, "so I had some leeway in how I drew them. Historians aren't sure how the druids looked either, so I used a little imagination there as well. I based many of these portraits on friends and family members. Actually, I don't know any of these people, but I'm sure they're someone's friends or family members."

-- Terry Dykstra

263_01.jpg 263_02.jpg 263_03.jpg 263_04.jpg 263_05.jpg
263_06.jpg 263_07.jpg 263_08.jpg 263_09.jpg 263_10.jpg
263_11.jpg 263_12.jpg 263_13.jpg 263_14.jpg
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