PC Portraits
Savage Heroes
Dragon Issue #265
Artist: David Day

/dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_01_syga.jpg /dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_02_3i345b.jpg
/dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_04_hjdf5.jpg /dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_05_m2.jpg
/dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_06_km34.jpg /dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_07_nui23.jpg /dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_08_oewf.jpg /dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_09_n432.jpg /dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_10_903h.jpg
/dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_11_iub35.jpg /dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_12_k4o5.jpg /dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_13_34hu.jpg /dnd/images/pc_portraits/265_14_bnj5.jpg
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"When I am hired for an assignment, I always work in the medium the art director calls for," mentions David Day. "Even though the PC Portraits are always in black and white, I could very easily visualize the savage heroes in full color. I hope the readers have a great time personalizing these characters."

-- David Day

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