PC Portraits08/28/2001

Dragon Issue #280

280_1_Aq2.jpg 280_2_JJJ.jpg 280_3_G21.jpg 280_4_NQ1.jpg 280_5_34E.jpg
280_6_KN1.jpg 280_7_KLQ.jpg 280_8_ER8.jpg 280_9_8v1.jpg 280_10_Jy1.jpg
280_11_D1W.jpg 280_12_KK1.jpg 280_13_HHJ.jpg 280_14_M11.jpg 280_15_55R.jpg
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"Sorcerers are bound to be an interesting bunch because of the nature of their magic. Jeff captures the range of the class with his masterful pen and ink work. (How often have you encountered a fat elf?)

--Peter Whitley, Art Director

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