PC Portraits07/31/2001

Elven Heroes
Dragon Issue #279

279_FElvenfighter.jpg 279_FElvenrogue.jpg 279_FElvensorcerer.jpg 279_FElvenwizard.jpg 279_MElvenbarbarian.jpg
279_MElvenbard.jpg 279_MElvencleric.jpg 279_MElvenfighter.jpg 279_MElvenmonk.jpg 279_MElvenpaladin.jpg
279_MElvenranger.jpg 279_MElvenranger2.jpg 279_MElvenrogue.jpg 279_MElvensorcerer.jpg

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Artist's Notes by Mike May

"Elves respond rather than react to situations," says artist Mike May. "It's one of the consequences of having such long lives. They have sharp minds, quiet dignity, and tend to indulge themselves. Their swept features mark them as a race of beauties. An elf is skillful, deliberate, and cunning. It was interesting, with this formula in mind, to create a series of elves in separate walks of life. I particularly loved the idea of an elven barbarian. I'll always have fun drawing an elf."

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