PC Portraits06/26/2001

Dragon Issue #278

278_98x_4.jpg 278_e5150_13.jpg
278_jk8_2.jpg 278_jq12_5.jpg 278_maj65_8.jpg 278_ole3_6.jpg 278_ou812_14.jpg
278_p12_3.jpg 278_Pta1_7.jpg

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Art Director's Notes by Peter Whitley

When Kennon sent in his PC Portraits, I immediately loved the clean line-quality of his intriguing characters. Familiar with dwarves, he bearded the ladies as well as the men. That particular trait is no longer a part of dwarves in Dungeons & Dragons, so I carefully retouched the illustrations so that they either weren't bearded or they weren't women. Perhaps you can tell which ones went through this "operation."

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