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Fallen Angel
By Ramon Arjona

In the light of a brilliant new star, a young man arrived mysteriously in the hamlet of Elton. Seemingly in need of aid but unable to communicate with the natives, he was adopted by the village, whose people quickly grew to love him. But after a few short weeks, he was kidnapped in a raid by horrid, buglike monsters led by a blue-skinned ogre. Can the PCs save him before the leader can carry out his nefarious plans? Drop this free online adventure by Ramon Arjona into an area of your campaign world where an isolated town might exist. Suitable for four 5th-level characters.

Adventure Preview

One night, a bright light appeared in the night sky above the small hamlet of Elton. This brilliant celestial event awakened the residents of the village, who emerged from their dwellings to marvel at the new "star" in the sky. Upon reaching the village common, the townsfolk found a young man, barely more than a boy, lying naked and shivering on the ground. Though he resembled an elf, there was an almost unearthly beauty about him. They asked him who he was, but his reply came in a musical tongue they had never heard before.

Seeing that the stranger was weak, cold, and in need of help, the people of Elton found clothes for him and provided him with food and shelter. Calling him "the gift of the star," they accepted him into their community and soon grew to love him.

But after only a few short weeks, disaster struck. A band of horrid, buglike creatures led by a blue-skinned ogre raided the town and kidnapped the young man. Can the PCs find and rescue him before his abductors can carry out ther nefarious plans?

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