Free Original Adventures
The Ministry of Winds
by Monte Cook

Deep in the heart of the city lies that strange edifice. Everyone knows about it or, that is to say, everyone knows it is there. No one ever really seems to have much more information about the granite structure, except that it has no windows or doors, and it is surrounded by swirling wind. Most people call it the Obelisk of the Winds. Tales are told of its secrets, but none of them seems to hold the truth.

The Ministry of Winds, July's free online mini-module byReturn to the Temple of Elemental Evil designer Monte Cook takes us deep beneath an obelisk inhabited by dangerous madmen who serve the four winds.

This urban miniadventure can take place in just about any city in your campaign -- just set it in the part of town that works best for your current needs. If you have Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, the city can be Hommlet; you might also suggest a tie between the Ministry of the Winds described here and the Air Temple in Return to the Temple. Suitable for four 6th-level characters.

Adventure Preview

At 60 feet above the floor of the entrance chamber, a small opening leads into the upper level of the obelisk. Only about 15 feet across, this strange room holds an interesting secret. The stone walls of the obelisk on this level are somehow transparent -- you can see the city sprawl around you from up here! Before you can enjoy the view, however, you realize that you are not alone.

A strange creature with ruby-red scales, a mandibled head, and four arms sits in an elevated chair in the center of the room, writing on a piece of parchment. It wears a loose yellow cloak and keeps weapons -- two short swords -- close at hand. Hundreds, if not thousands of sheets of parchment lie scattered about the floor around the creature.

The elevated chair sits 6 feet off the ground on wooden supports. The one-way transparency of the walls is a permanent magical effect.

Creature: Ssiigg is a civilized xill, but unlike most of his kind, he is not terribly bloodthirsty and violent. In fact, he is content to watch the events of the city and record them. The Ministry of Winds provides him with parchment, and he provides them with the highlights of what he sees in his unsleeping vigil. If the PCs do not make their presence known, Ssiigg does not stop writing. If they interrupt him in any way, he leaps from his chair and attacks with his two short swords and claws. He fights to the death.

Xill: 34 hp; see Monster Manual page 187.

Treasure: The parchments, if gathered, would be worth up to 1,500 gp to an interested buyer (they contain a lot of information about happenings in the city over the past eight months).

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