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Base of Operations
by Ed Stark

Free for the Taking: One Keep...*
*Must first evict current tenants

A group of vile humanoids has taken over an old, ruined keep within a day's walk of the nearest town. Local leaders greet this news with alarm, for they don't wish to see a stronghold for evil humanoids so close to their settlement. So they offer a deal to your group of adventurers: Root out the humanoids and you can have the keep as your own base of operations.

D&D Ed Stark presents Base of Operations, an original Dungeons & Dragons adventure suitable for a party of four 5th-level player characters. If your group is in the mood for a full-on assault, this adventure dishes up a few nasty battles, some tricky tactical maneuvers, and a chance to take charge of a specific area of the campaign world.

Adventure Preview

Base of Operations, a short adventure intended for four 5th-level characters, is a site-based scenario designed to be either very brief (one or two sessions) or part of an ongoing campaign. Player characters have the opportunity to save a town from a horrible fate, rid the world of a vile necromancer, and find a little wealth in the meantime. Or, if the DM wishes, the adventure allows for player characters to set themselves up in their own "base of operations" and become permanent members of a community.

Marikest: The starting point for the adventure. The PCs may learn a little more about Brightstone Keep's history and the townsfolk's fears here, and they might use it as a place to retreat once or twice if things go wrong for them in the field.

The Road to the Keep: Fairly well marked (by the army that left a few months ago), this area attracts the occasional dangerous creature or party of brigands.

Brightstone Keep: Inhabited by orcs, trolls, and a few other nasty creatures -- not to mention some newly-created undead -- this site provides the setting for the final battle.

Finally, the day he waited for came.

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