Dragons of Faerun, Part 2
August 2006

Dragons often have lairs (or they're in the process of finding one). You'll find a few of those, plus some other interesting sites, in Dragons of Faerūn. See a sample lair and other locations in this month's Map-a-Week.

Cartography by Kyle Hunter

08/29 Gnawbones Base: Take a look at the basement headquarters for the Gnawbones gang in the castle district of Waterdeep. The main entrance to the clubhouse is through the coatroom on the first floor of the Wyrmbones Inn. The small complex consists of four areas and three tunnels. Download 72dpi JPG
08/22 The Altar of Scales: This map depicts a fairly large temple complex of Tiamat, under the run-down part of Unthalass. Download 72dpi JPG
08/15 Dragonback Mountain: Alasklerbanbastos lairs in the depths of Dragonback Mountain (the northernmost peak of the Riders to the Sky Mountains) on the border of Chessenta, Threskel, and Unther. He governs in secret from the depths of a great web of twisting lava tubes and slave-dug tunnels that weave through the heart of the ancient volcano. The walls, floors, and ceilings of his lair are embedded with hundreds of dragon bones. Download 72dpi JPG
08/08 The Great Palace of the Sceptenar: The alabaster citadel sits atop a low hill in the shadow of the now-abandoned Great Temple of Gilgeam. A Colossal great red wyrm had the Great Palace built to his specifications when he last ruled Chessenta, and its sprawling galleries easily accommodate the great wyrm's tremendous bulk. Download 72dpi JPG
08/01 Antasillix's Lair: In the ruined quarter of Unthalass, Antasillix has chosen a mostly intact bathhouse as his lair. He waits there, playing in the pools and hunting the vagrants nearby, until called by Tiamat to defend the nearby pit of many colors. Download 72dpi JPG

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