Coastal Dungeon Maps

Coasts are always popular in every genre. In the fantasy theme of Dungeons & Dragons, coasts are sites for fishing villages and trade ports, both vital sites for a society to flourish. Naturally, wherever there are coastal dwellers, there are coastal hideouts. Locals often find the best places and pirates learn about them and use them for their hoards. And not all treasure-hoarding creatures are humanoid. To a sea-faring monster, an item secreted away in some cavern is as out of the way as the bottom of the ocean is to a land dweller. Either way, these coastal lairs and dungeons can easily find a place in any campaign.

04/29Bonus Coastal Map: Whoever owns this lair had quite the ego. Note the throne room and grand hall -- quite a bit to build underground. The money must have run out though, what with the natural caves extending from the throne room. Or maybe that was someone else digging to this lair? Download 72dpi JPG (461k)
Download 150dpi JPG (1.74m)
Download 300dpi JPG (6.22m)
04/22Hulk's Lair: The hulk of a once beautiful ship rests atop an outcropping near a coast. Perhaps it ran aground long ago during a fierce storm, or maybe it was thrown there by huge sea monster. Either way, it's a good cover for an underground lair. Download 72dpi JPG (463k)
Download 150dpi JPG (1.65m)
Download 300dpi JPG (5.66m)
04/15 Pirate's Port: This delightful hidden landing spot for a small to medium-sized ship makes for a perfect hideout for people with something to hide. It doesn't have to be a pirate's lair either. The ladder could lead to a respectable mansion of a privateer, or perhaps a lich desiring exotic spell components from far off lands . . . . Download 72dpi JPG (517k)
Download 150dpi JPG (1.86m)
Download 300dpi JPG (6.17m)
04/08 Treacherous Sea Cave: A staircase leads to a complex of natural cave etched by action from the sea alongside hewn stone corridors and rooms. Someone even put in enough work to have pit traps. What other surprises await visitors? Download 72dpi JPG (508k)
Download 150dpi JPG (1.88m)
Download 300dpi JPG (6.39m)
04/01 Sea Cave Dungeon: When the tide goes out you can barely make out the stout door. Wade through tidal pools and get through the door and you're treated to a dungeon clearly designed to act as a storage facility. But what is in each room -- and what is the room with the pillars and where to the stairs go? Maybe they to the next map . . . . Download 72dpi JPG (548k)
Download 150dpi JPG (2.01m)
Download 300dpi JPG (6.69m)

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