Wedge Mountain

February's maps detail the most unusual area you're likely to find on any planet: a mountain, complete with dungeons, with a giant wedge cut out of it. The first map shows an overview of the whole area. Next, details of the wedge and the town that lives near it show that fortification is necessary. Upper and lower dungeon complexes round out the month's maps. Through much of the mountain complex is a mysterious area featured in red on the maps. What is it? Perhaps after descending through the mountain the answer can be found . . . .

02/26 Lower Dungeons: The bottom of the mountain features three dungeon complexes, each with a feature that makes them worth exploring. One has a large cavern complex, another is simply vast, and the last looks as though it might lead out of the mountain -- and to freedom. Download 72dpi JPG (523k)
Download 150dpi JPG (1.8m)
Download 300dpi JPG (7.4m)
02/19 Upper Dungeons: These dungeon complexes hint at what's below -- and the mysterious red area dominates much of upper mountain. Also included are two dungeon areas drawn in perspective and underneath them, two more complexes that house more secrets. Download 72dpi JPG (571k)
Download 150dpi JPG (2m)
Download 300dpi JPG (8.1m)
02/12 Plan View: This week's map shows a top-down view of the mountain and the small city that's nestled near the treacherous edge of the wedge. It's well fortified and looks capable of handling quite a siege. Are they worried about something invading the mountain -- or something coming from deep inside it? Download 72dpi JPG (575k)
Download 150dpi JPG (2m)
Download 300dpi JPG (7.8m)
02/05 Overview: The first map shows the whole mountain at once as well as the levels of all its dungeon complexes. There are vertical tunnels, springs, and mysterious red bands. What are they? Extreme heat? A magical effect? There's only one way to find out: descending into the mountain. Download 72dpi JPG (527k)
Download 150dpi JPG (2m)
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