Close Quarters Buildings
Cartography by Rob Lazzaretti

"Recently I noticed a request for maps of individual buildings, specifically smaller areas for combat encounters," says Rob. "So, I pulled together some small buildings to serve as building blocks for a city adventure. Enjoy!"

These smaller buildings can be used together as a unit, or individually to represent a single building your adventure or encounter takes place in. You can also cut them apart and mix and match them to make your own groupings.

04/24 Sorcerer's Guild/Laboratory:Wizards and sorcerers meet and work in this group of buildings. It can be a guild of several members, or it could be the workshop of a single wizard. You decide. Download 72dpi JPG
Download 150dpi JPG
04/17 Fort/Garrison/Prison Cells:This collection of buildings is a good example of where the town guard would work and live. The prison cells are for those who have crossed the law, or perhaps delinquent taxpayers. A small watchtower to overlooks the grounds. Download 72dpi JPG
Download 150dpi JPG
04/10 Temple/Monks' Quarters:Here is a generic temple with living quarters for those who reside here. It could easily become an evil temple for characters to raid, or a safe refuge that the heroes must defend against raiders, or an assassin. Download 72dpi JPG
Download 150dpi JPG
04/03 Eating Halls/Tavern/Storerooms:This grouping holds four buildings to explore. It could work well to represent a city block where serving and storing food is the predominant mercantile mode. Its nooks and crannies hold plenty of places to hide, as well as a secret basement. This grouping could also be a rowdy section of town where the rough types hang out at the tavern waiting to start a brawl. Download 72dpi JPG
Download 150dpi JPG

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