December 2002
Cartography by Rob Lazzaretti

If you are looking for some variety in places to explore, then look no further. Each of these original maps is a different type of hideout or lair for a thief, bandit, scoundrel, or forbidding creature. The first two are still active, while the last two are now abandoned.

12/26 The Crypt: Here is an old graveyard, with a tunnel in its small single mausoleum that leads straight into the earth. The deeper you go, the closer you come to the lair of a stupendously big spider who has made these old tunnels her home. If you aren't careful, you may never see the surface again.

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12/19 The Dungeon: An old castle, now abandoned, houses an uncompleted dungeon complex that your creature of choice has moved into. Within are lanterns containing continual flame torches, left behind by the former workers. No one is sure why their excavation work was never completed.

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12/12 Pirate Roost: Hidden away deep inside a cave is a small village that perches on docks, which themselves cling to a cave wall. Pirates come to rest and repair their ships here, or maybe they dock just to spend some time at the local tavern and swap a few tall tales. The folds of the cavern twist and turn before you can even get to the village. Explore the depths inside to find the remains of old shipwrecks that may have treasure hidden within them. Avoid the creatures who live here, though, or you may find yourself in a watery grave.

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12/05 Bandit Cave: In this hideout of a group of thieves tucked away deep in caves on the edge of town, a treasure trove of goods lies hidden. Rumor has it that several generations of bandits have stashed stolen goods in the cave. Though it isn't an easy task getting in to them, those who do have the chance to advance themselves financially. Beware of ambushes and traps set by the bandit prince.

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