November 2002
Cartography by Rob Lazzaretti

This month we offer more original maps that are pure dungeon crawl. We have purposely kept them light on detail, to make it easier for you to customize them to the needs of your own campaign. Use these free floor plans singly for stand-alone miniadventures featuring just a few creatures, or put them together to form a multilevel dungeon complex stocked with monsters, NPCs, and treasure.

The four dungeons for this month can be linked together or used individually. Each one has a unique layout with varied room sizes. They are left featureless, except for doors, ladders, and some secret doors. Have fun stocking them with inhabitants and treasure.

11/28 The Lairs: The final level is comprised of two large open areas that could be used as lairs for any type of beast. Smaller rooms could hold more creatures, NPCs, or be storerooms for treasure. Is that inset semicircle in the southernmost large room mask a secret door? You decide.

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11/21 The Gauntlet: Descend to this floor and a long hall flanked with waiting danger lies before you. Side halls lead to lairs on either side of the main hall. The potential for an ambush is great, so adventurers must watch their backs at all times.

Download 162k JPG

11/14 Dropped into the Middle: The entrance is in the middle of this dungeon floor. Two passage arms sweep out from the dungeon's heart, then on branches and branches again. Which way to start? Either will surely bring danger.

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11/04 The Entrance: After descending a rickety ladder, you precede into a variety of hallways and medium-sized rooms, perfect for random encounters. A dead end could be used as an ambush point, and secret doors keep clueless intruders out.

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